Sport Education

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The FASANOC Sport Education Programme is delivered through a collaborative effort led by Kiliati Enterprises and the Sport Development Team within the organisation.

The programme is provided able oversight by the FASANOC Sport Education Commission and it works closely with the National Federations (NFs) to steadily produce trainers, coaches, mentors, and professional mentors that undergo ONOC's Oceania Sport Education Programme (OSEP).


Under the evolving OSEP portfolio of courses, many Fijian athletes, entourage officials, coaches, and sport leaders have received capacity building that have brought significant marked improvement to various sport in the country. It has strengthened National Federations (NFs) in real, tangible terms.

The courses include sport administration, coaching, strength and conditioning, team management, and capacity building of assessors, presenters, trainers, educators, master educators, and mentors.

Aside from courses outlined above, OSEP offers opportunities in partnership wit the United States Olympic and Paralympic Commitee (USOPC) in Colorado, USA. A few sports coaches have benefited from this programme. OSEP continues to be at the forefront of sport education programmes championed by FASANOC given its success as a suite of courses customised to the needs and realities of the Oceania Continent.

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