Sport Medicine

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The Sport Medicine Programme is positioned under the FASANOC Medical Commission.

It focuses on the provision of medical and health care to the different National Federations (NFs) locally and becomes an organic pipeline to the provision of medical and healthcare professionals for regional and global entourages to the Olympic, Commonwealth, Pacific, and sport-specific Federation-related tournaments and games that Fiji athletes participate in.


The Sport Medicine Programme comprises two arms: one being the immediate sport and games related requirement for medical and health care professionals in the form of doctors and physiotherapists availing their expertise and support for the wellbeing and safety of athletes in every sport engagement. The second being the more sustained, in-depth engagement in the medium to long term development of athletes through the provision of exercise, nutrition, and other primary care advice that goes a long way to ensuring the behaviour change and discipline required of athletes moving from recreation or leisure to amateur, professional, and then elite pathways in their sporting career.

The Programme in the former arm offers medical screening, nutrition and physiotherapy advisory services, mental health support, with a focus to preparation and travel with athletes in every outing. This is critical to the measure of confidence and comfort of athletes prior to, during, and after participation in active games and tournaments.

In the second arm, the medium to long term support to athletes and officials who form entourages, medical and health care professionals also benefit through capacity building opportunities through the IOC and Olympic Solidarity. Under this framework, Fiji doctors, physiotherapists, nutritionists, and mental health professionals continue to benefit from scholarships and conference opportunities in the field of Medical Science which is critical to FASANOC and its portfolio of support to NFs.

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