Women in Sport

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The Women in Sport (WIS) Programme is designed and delivered through the Commission of the same name - the Women in Sport Commission.

In short, the WIS Programme is FASANOC's strategy and programme to deliver gender equality and gender equity in Fiji sport through its engagement with National Federations, athletes, and other stakeholders. One of its key support also comes from the Oceania National Olympic Committees (ONOC) Women in Sport Commission, now known as ONOC's Equity Commission.

The WIS Programme aims to increase and enhance sports and fitness opportunities for all Girls and Women; educate on gender equality in all sports, including sports administration and at the NOC level; and to engage with the Fiji sport community to raise gender parity in engagement and participation.


The WIS Programme delivers programmatic activities that include education and awareness, training workshops on gender, empowerment of athletes, organising International Women's Day (IWD) annual days focused on women in sport experiences and structural challenges; membership and participation in other Commissions to enable a gender lens to issues and approaches; research into acquiring baselines to enable evidence-based approaches, and lending active support to women and girls in sport in Fiji.

The Programme also benefits from the ONOC Equity Commission suite of activities, from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Women in Sport Commission, and the ANOC Women in Sport Commission activities such as awareness raising, networking, advocacy, lobby, conferences, seminars, meetings, and since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the series of webinars that continue to reflect on the condition of women and girls in sport and how this can be improved.

These activities are in turn used in the development of activities to benefit women and girls in sport in Fiji. The WIS Programme has largely benefited from Olympic Solidarity support and continues to work with national and regional partners.

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