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About the Commission

Membership includes a representative from the Athletes Commission, Individual Sport, Team Sport, OSEP Fiji Educators Group, High Performance Unit(HPU), Fiji National Sport Commission,University representative, Regional Sports Federation / Sports Training & Education,OSEP/ONOC, FASANOC staff administrator and a FASANOC Executive Board member as its chairperson.  When specific expertise is required the Commission invites external independent advice as an when needed.

The FASANOC Sport Education Commission  (FSEC) is an advisory group to the FASANOC Executive Board (EB) on developing an integrated sport training, development and accreditation framework to support the development of competent sport volunteers and professionals  from grassroots to the elite level.  

These trained groups assist players and athletes of all ages to realise their full potential.  

It references the Sport Education Framework in Oceania as it commits to strengthening athletes and its support team competency levels. Sport Training and Development in Fiji is characterised by the following:‍

  • Varied readiness by national sport federations to effectively support training, development and retention of sport volunteers and professionals
  • Limited pathway and progression for sport volunteers and professionals and no standardised or validated accreditation system
  • Limited support for trained practitioners to organise and conduct sport activity after training
  • Number of trained sport volunteers and professionals in Fiji is far greater than the number of active practitioners
  • Little or no monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of training and development programmes (M+E)
  • Absence of accessible database
  • ‘One-off’ and ‘uncoordinated’ training
  • Opportunity to prioritise system development ahead of training delivery


The primary role of the FSEC is to advise the FASANOC Executive Board on all matters relating to sport education. This role is delivered with the following areas of responsibility:

  1. Advocate for the needs and requirements of national sport federations and champion the national sport accrediting framework development to key stakeholders
  2. Recognise, monitor and conduct the accreditation of OSEP courses
  3. Support development of sport training and development
  4. Support the implementation of the training and development component of FASANOC’s strategic plan
  5. Work  within the OSEP guiding principles


The FSEC has focused activities on the management and implementation of ONOC's Oceania Sport Education Programme (OSEP) courses for athletes, coaches and sport administrators in its NFs through a coordinated approach engaging several key people and partnerships.

This is successfully delivered through the leadership of Secretary General and CEO Lorraine Mar, FASANOC Sport Development Officer and OSEP Coordinator Makelesi Bulikiobo, in collaboration with Kiliati Enterprise as training provider. This is delivered in partnership with ONOC's OSEP Team.

The FSEC was instrumental in making inroads into OSEP courses gaining national recognition by the Fiji Higher Education Commission (FHEC), taking the programme closer to establishing local national accreditation. This initial work has provided a national level bulwark for the current ONOC-OSEP evaluation and successful brokering of a partnership with the Pacific Community's (SPC's) Educational Quality and Assessment Programme (EQAP) partnership for OSEP accreditation in 26 Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs).


Prem Narayan


Makarita Lenoa



Joji Liga


Makelesi Bulikiobo


Sainimili Talatoka


Martin Burrows


Richard Eyre

AC Rep

Matelita Buadromo

AC Rep