High Performance


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About the Commission

Since the establishment of the HPC, Fiji’s performance at the regional level has dropped considerably, while at the international arena, Rugby 7’s a non-Olympic Sport until 2016, has outperformed any other sport in the history of FASANOC, while putting Fiji on the map in the process.

Put into perspective, FASANOC invests large sums of money every year in athlete and coach development. In the absence of a formal scorecard system to monitor and evaluate the outcomes of high performance athletes in training and in competition, it is difficult to ascertain appropriate levels of financial assistance and still more difficult to ascertain returns on investment.  

High Performance programmes that focus on the technological advances for athlete monitoring, advanced principles of strength and conditioning, adaptation, performance and injury, data analysis techniques that have the ability to collect and accurately interpret competition and training information, can no longer be ignored in this day and age where sports is recognized as a formal industry which impacts on the economic development of the country.

Through the HPC FASANOC has plans to deliver this and more, to enable a win-win outcome for both the athlete and FASANOC.


The overall aim of the HPC is to promote a culture of high-performance excellence for Fiji athletes and coaches. This is supported by three key objectives:

  • Provide leadership (Team Fiji Standards/Selection etc.), direction (Resurgence Agenda) and support to uphold the interests of stakeholders and constituents.
  • Create a sustainable, enabling environment conducive to athlete development, growth and performance.
  • Provide policy advice to the Executive Board in the areas of high performance and planning for high performance.




Talemo Waqa


Matelita Vuakoso


Makelesi Bulikiobo

Secretary (NOC staff Football & Athletics reps)

Ioane Naivalurua



Varanisese Kirisitiana

Education Commission, ONOC OSEP Rep

Henry Elder



Selevasio Stino

Athletes Commission rep, Gymnastics Development Officer

Carl Probert

AC rep, Olympian

Yoko Kanemasu

USP Sports Science Psychological

Nacani Cawanibuka

HP Coach, S&C Analysist

Joji Liga

FNSC Nominee)