Women in Sport


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About the Commission

The Commission ensures that women and girls, including persons with disabilities are participating in sports-related activities that will bring substantial benefits such as reducing NCDs, sustained interest in sports for minority groups and persons with disabilities, reducing challenges faced by women in exercising leadership roles in various committees and clubs through sports education; the protection and promotion of human rights for athletes, and collecting data on National Federations (NFs) that will help inform a sports leadership development forum in 2019. It also ensures men and boys are key stakeholders in the programme and thus provide the necessary impetus, support and help champion change among the communities.


The FASANOC WISC works to fulfil the following Objectives:

  • To promote and provide opportunities for women and girls of all ages to be involved and or engaged in various aspects of sports, including learning new sports and becoming active and productive citizens.
  • To empower women and girls to take up decision-making roles at various levels within NFs, sporting clubs and or sporting organisations (national, regional and international levels).
  • To create gender sensitivity, including parity, among the public of the important role women and girls play in the engagement and development of all sport and be recognised for their efforts.
  • To act as a liaison for local, regional and international matters pertaining to women and sport based on the Brighton Declaration; as well as work with Oceania Women in Sports in promoting various aspects of women‚Äôs involvement in sports.
  • To be a resource body for women and sport and to facilitate research on relevant matters, informing national policies and programmes.


The FASANOC Women in Sport Commission programmes are supported under the Gender Equality and Diversity Programme line under the IOC Olympic Solidarity funding mechanism.

It manages and delivers outreach programmes with young female leaders in sport with a focus on leadership development and addressing inclusivity, gender equity and diversity.

Some key activities include research focused on primary data collection (gender disaggregated data for NFs), working with minority groups, sport and physical activity targeting Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs), promotion of gender issues through women's rugby and awareness raising of sports and human rights.


Vivian Koster

Acting Chair


Sharlene Nand



Isikeli Valemei



Seremaia Bai



Asinate Ledua



Patricia Mallam



Mere Rodan

Executive Liaison


Ana Seru

Liason Executive, Northern Division


Inoke Niubalavu

Athletes' Commission Rep