NFs modified MiSO Course


FASANOC Women in Sport Commission (WISC) in partnership with OSEP (Oceania Sports Education Program) and Olympic Solidarity invites National Federations to attend a modified MiSO (Management in Sports Organisation) Course, focusing on Governance Structures and Planning Modules.  

Executives of NFs, in particular Presidents, OR Vice Presidents and OR Treasurers are invited to attend as a priority, however other executive members are also welcome to join. Female executive members are strongly encouraged to attend.

The two modules will be offered on Friday 18 September (evening session) and Saturday 19 September (day-time session) at FASANOC Conference Room.  

Attendance to this program is free and expenses (travel, accommodation and meal allowances where necessary) will be provided. Currently, an NF can register one participant, however depending on space, a second participant could also register.

Registration form can be found HERE. Please kindly complete and return by email to the contact provided on the form. Registration closes 31 July 2020.

MiSO courses aim to strengthen the governing of NFs; presidents, secretaries and treasurers, together with other executive members who play a key role in ensuring sustainability in this regard. Thus participation from NFs in this fully funded program is strongly recommended.

Brief Information on MiSO Modules Offered


INTRODUCTION: Governance is about the way clubs/federations are governed by the board, not the way they are managed by the staff and volunteers. Governance focuses on boards setting strategic directions that the staff and volunteers then carry out. Governance refers to the structures and processes organisations use to:

• develop strategic goals and directions

• monitor performance against these goals

• ensure that the board acts in the best interests of the members.

Governance structures have a significant impact on the running of any sporting club/federation. As the performance of Pacific athletes and the growth in participation draws attention to our sporting system, there is greater pressure on those involved in governance and management of clubs/federations to improve their skills.


• good governance principles

• club/federation structures

• constitutional issues.



-          General club/NF planning information

-          The planning processes

OVERVIEW: Clubs/NFs can have the best intentions, but if they do not plan their activities for the future, their survival and/or growth are at risk. Planning ahead is to succeed in all areas of operation is important if your club/federation.

Why Plan?

Whether at international, national or local level, Pacific Sporting clubs/federations need to plan ahead in order to survive and grow.

Planning helps to:

-          Look at where the club/federation has come from and where it is now, where it wants to go and how it is going to get there

-          Identify the main goals of the club/federation

-          Encourage the members to get involved in the development of the club/federation

-          Adjust to changes in the current environment that have an impact on the club/federation

-          Make sure that resources (human, physical and financial) are used effectively

-          Evaluate the performance of the club/federation

-          Bring order into the hectic business of running a club/federation.

WISC looks forward to receiving Registrations by the due date, 31 July. Click HERE for the Registration form.