Taichi To Use Experience Learned

Taichi Vakasama completed his second race of these World Championships in Gwangju, by competing in the Men’s 200m Breaststroke. He returned a time of 2 minutes 18.23 seconds for the four length discipline. Afterward, he reflected on his race;

“ I think I kept it a bit easy in the first 100m. I tried to keep my pace and not get influenced by other swimmers.”

Vakasama’s Personal Best of 2 minutes 14 seconds was gained at the recent Pacific Games in Samoa, but he explained that his longer time this week was not due to the tough back-to-back competitions.

“ Even though it was back-to-back, I don’t want to use it as an excuse, it’s a big competition but you can still perform well back-to-back. I didn’t, so I’ll be using that experience to help me in my next competition.”

Instantly analysing this race, he began to suggest areas where he can utilise that experience for next time.

“ I think I have to work on that back 100m. I also felt I lost my breath. When I came out of the water, I felt I came out for way longer than the last competition I competed in.”

It was Vakasama’s last race at these World Swimming Championships and although he’s finished racing, swimming in the pool is still uppermost in his mind, as he explained;

“ I go back to Fiji in a few days, but until then I will swim, but not for racing but for recovery. I may take a few days. Maybe two, before I pick up training as we have the Short Course Nationals coming up in Fiji and then build-up for the Tokyo Olympics next year.”

Vakasama is clearly a hard working swimmer who is a likeable interviewee - and he couldn’t resist a final comment before he left the interview area. With a big smile;

“Yes Tokyo! I’m very excited about that!”

Source and Pic: The Reporters Academy