Fiji Darts Association

Non-Olympic Sport


Nyla Alfred

Vice President

Prem Chand



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Darts has just started again this year, after Covid postponed games during the past 2 1/2 years.   The above nights have different formats i.e. Mondays best of 11 games and Thurs best of 7 games.  Tournaments that teams look forward to, is the Open Singles and Doubles.

We also look forward to the Fiji Games when it is scheduled.   Also this year, there will be a visiting team from Tonga in November and possibly a 2nd team.    The  South Pacfic Championship is also scheduled for 2025 here in Fiji, the last one held in Tonga this year.    Have yet to get confirmed countries that will be participating, however we are looking at inviting Cook Is, Nauru, Niue, PNG, Samoa, Sol Is, Tonga, Vanuatu & Fiji.

To become a member, one can go to either DC or Yacht Club and register into one of the Teams already in the League or you can bring in a team made up of 6 players (minimum) and register the whole team.


The Suva Darts Association is the active one right now and they have

8 teams playing on Monday Nights at the Defence Club, Suva namely :

    Friends United,  Tanoa 3Ds;  Cool Ladies;  Defence Club;  Titans, Ono Darts;  Kings and Traps: (best of 11 games - 2 triples, 3 doubles & 6 singles)

10 teams play on Thursday Nights at the Yacht Club:  [4 singles (best of 3), 2 doubles (best of 3), 1 triples (best of 7 games)

Friends United (2 teams)

Ono Darts (2 teams)


Tanoa 3Ds

Combine Brothers

Rock Solid Sea



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