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Districts:  Suva

Dojos: Suva Goju RYU & YMCA

The economic downturn caused by Covid-19 had drastic effects on theWestern side of the country. With the virtual closure of the tourism industry and associated job losses, there were two Dojos who had to close, namely Goju Ryu Lautoka and Karate Nadi. This unprecedented situation did not stop their officials and athletes from participating in events held by Karate Fiji, particularly for technical officials, as they prepared for the new norms of training and competition.


  • 14-16 February:  Karate 1 PremierLeague, Dubai – 1 Athlete, 1 Coach - 1 Did not reach medal contention stage.Remains in top 100 for Senior Male Kumite U75kg.
  • 26 February - 01 March:  Karate1 Premier League, Salzburg  - 1 Athlete, 1 Coach - 1 Did not reach medal contention stage. Remains in top 100 for SeniorMale Kumite U75kg.  

Competitions Conducted

  • Local - These were held at the discretion of the Dojos. YMCA held an event in late November.
  • National - Due to Covid-19 restrictions and the consequential drop in membership, no national Championships were organised.

Courses Programmes Conducted

Covid-19 restrictions, and then the departure of athletes from theNational Training Squad to other parts of the country for livelihood purposes, saw NTS sessions held but with very limited numbers. Most of the training involved just the National Coach and elite athlete, Tevita Tamanigaunatawamudu, as the focus remained qualifying for the Olympics.

 Activities in Junior Sport Development

A majority of KF’s members fall into the Children’s age category, so this is left primarily at the Dojo levels.

Acknowledgments for the Year

  1. A total of 2 Dojos; no individual paid members (due to Covid-19),many practise Karate (but not affiliated to KF).
  2. In January and February,Fiji was represented in February at the WKF K1 Premier League events in Dubai,United Arab Emirates (14-16 February) and Salzburg, Austria (28 February-01March). Eligibility to the K1 events is to athletes in the top 100 for each of their weight categories. Tevita Tamanigaunatawamudu was ranked in the WKF top100, and was accompanied to each of the events by National Coach, David Qiolevu. His participation at these events helped Tevita improve his ranking to meet the eligibility requirements for the 2020 Olympics, which he needed to do to make the qualifying tournament.
  3. A team of 1 manager and 2 athletes participated at the WollongongCamp from 06-08 March. The official was Laverne Qiolevu, and the athletes, Sandip Pala and Tevita Tamanigaunatawamudu.
  4. In order to host local sporting events, including training, in the midst of Covid-19, national accreditation was sought and granted in June, with amendments made to allow contact (Kumite) from November.
  5. Government Grants were received from the Fiji National Sports Commission and the FNSC is acknowledged for this kind assistance.
  6. FASANOC is acknowledged for their support, including funding, for the development of the sport.
  7. KF is thankful for the support received from ONOC, and the OSEP team, in helping to provide the necessary courses to up-skill KF’s administrative and technical teams.
  8. KF is also humbly grateful for the financial assistance from donors who wish to remain anonymous, and assisted in meeting our target to financially support events in the KF calendar.
  9. KF is grateful to sponsors and partners who provided support throughout the year.

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