Fiji Powerlifting Federation

Non-Olympic Sport


Viliame Lagonilakeba

Vice President

Eric Jioje


Francessca Rex-horoi

Rosalia Fatiaki

Jonin Renee

Salacieli Koroi

Kurt Wise

Michael Sharma


Daniel Patel

Laisa Kautoga


PO Box 1279 c/o FASANOC Suva Fiji Islands

+(679) 330 1880

+(679) 9208 008

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The Fiji Powerlifting Federation stands as the beacon of strength and determination, guiding athletes on a journey of personal growth and achievement. As the national governing body of powerlifting in Fiji, we've witnessed an incredible resurgence in the sport in recent years.

Historically renowned for its ability to bring home medals for Fiji, powerlifting experienced a re-vamp around 2017. Since then, there has been a remarkable surge in participation, especially among young individuals, and a heartening increase in female representation within our sport.

In 2019, we took a development team to the Pacific Games and achieved 1 bronze medal. Post-COVID in 2021, we had a lot of interest from people participating in our local competitions.

The year 2023 was also nothing short of phenomenal for us. Our local competitions thrived, witnessing increased engagement from enthusiastic participants. It was great to see the growing number of women joining our ranks, showcasing their strength and determination on the platform. One unforgettable moment was when a self-supported athlete represented Fiji at the Asia Pacific Championships in Hong Kong, securing a bronze in both Squat and Deadlift events. Furthermore, our success at the Pacific Games was marked by the achievement of two silver medals, a testament to our progress since 2019. The future looks bright for the sport and we are adamant that we can do wonders for Fiji as a team.

To propel our success forward, we've outlined short and long-term strategies. Central to our plans is the elevation of our referees and coaches to international standards. By enhancing their skills, we aim to provide better guidance and support to our athletes. Additionally, we aim to foster international exposure for our athletes, offering opportunities to compete in esteemed competitions like the Oceania Regional Championships and other global events.

One of the cornerstones of our federation is inclusivity. We invite everyone—members and non-members—to participate in our local competitions. Before each year's series of events, a timetable is released post our Annual General Meeting (AGM), extending an open invitation to the entire community.

Becoming a member of the Fiji Powerlifting Federation is simple. An annual fee, disclosed after the AGM, grants access to many benefits. Members enjoy discounted fees for local competitions, inclusion in an online powerlifting chat group that offers regular updates, and mentorship from experienced senior members, among other advantages.

We extend a warm invitation to individuals of all backgrounds and abilities to join our powerlifting community. Whether you're an aspiring athlete seeking to test your strength or an enthusiast eager to witness the power and spirit of our athletes, there's a place for you in the Fiji Powerlifting Community.

Together, let's embrace the journey of strength, determination, and camaraderie. We eagerly anticipate welcoming you into our dynamic and empowering powerlifting family.

For any queries, please contact Eric Jioje on eric.jioje@fnu.ac.fj or Viliame Lagonilakeba on vilitui@gmail.com


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