Touch Rugby

Touch Federation Fiji

Non-Olympic Sport


Tevita Mau


Virginia Elo



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President: Tevita Mau

                     Vice President: Vacant (VP East);  Rosi Bavon (VP West)

                    Secretary: Virginia Elo Naulumatua; Deputy Secretary: Ro Diligacere Qumivutia.

                    Treasurer: Tevita Lomalagi

MEMBERSHIP: Names and Number of Districts/Clubs affiliated to Federation:

Have 4 districts / members in:

1.     Suva Touch Association (STA)

2.     Nadi Touch Rugby Association (NTRA)

3.     Lautoka Touch Rugby Association (LTRA)

4.     Nasinu Touch Association (NTA)


CLUBS  -  No. & Names:

1.     Tahi

2.     Eastern Hawks

3.     Insyd Out

4.     Laucala Knights

5.     City Roosters

6.     Raiwaqa Flyers

7.     Browning Bombers

8.     Breakers

9.     2 Fresh East

10.  First Touch

11.  Vunitavola

12.  Grayban Heights

13.  Cavaliers

14.  Marist Seahawks

15.  Water Authority

16.  Manuduitagi

17.  Broncos

Nadi Touch Rugby Association Clubs:

1.     Taki Mai

2.     2 Fresh West

3.     09ers

4.     Flying Dutchmen

5.     FJ Turbos

6.     Wyndham

7.     West Dolphins

8.     Nasoso Warriors

9.     Masada

10.  Kingsmen

11.  Waqadra

12.  Galaxy Saints

Lautoka Touch Rugby Association Clubs:

1.     Flaming Roosters

2.     VT Bears

3.     Breakthrough

4.     Black Knights

5.     Flying Dutchmen

6.     City Raiders

Nasinu Touch Association Clubs:

1.     First Touch

2.     Kacau

3.     Nadawa Spartans

4.     Flamingos

5.     Vunitavola

6.     Caubati

7.     Eagles

8.     Greyban Heights

9.     Waivure

10.  5 Stars


1.     Establishment of the Franchise Touch League to oversee the competition for the elite of Touch. The initial categories are open mens and womens and youth boys and girls..

2.     Accreditation of referees at introductory level by working in collaboration with Director of Referees for Federation of International Touch (FIT) Ian Matthews. 38 Referees were accredited with theory and to carry out their practical. Course was carried out via zoom. 27 Male and 11 Female.

3.     Accreditation of coaches at introductory level by working with Federation of International Touch rep Sue Salter.

4.     Business House Touch to engage with the business community. Category competed for is Mix. 24 business houses competed.

5.     Touch Federation Fiji securing financial support of $60K (AUD)from Pacific AusSport program under DFAT Australian aid to assist in the touch preparation for Pacific Games in Solomons. Technical assistance in coaching in Tony Trad, Gavin Shuker and Natalie Little.

6.     Gavin Shuker sponsored 4 athletes for a 2 month training to be based in Rockhampton and learn the technical aspects of the game. Sponsorship package in excess of $60K (AUD)

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