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Fiji University Sports Association (FUSA)

Non-Olympic Sport


Alifereti Cawanibuka


Thakur Singh


Fiji National University

679 Suva



Tel: +679 976 80 00


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University of the South Pacific,  

Fiji National University

Univeristy of Fiji

Corpus Christi  

Pacific Regional Seminary

Navuso Agricultural Technical Institute.  

With the different campus from all the 3 universities we have 11 Institutions all together that participates in FUSA events.

This is is the First time Navuso is taking part when FUSA was formed in2008.  


One of the major Highlights that we look forward to, is the inclusion of more tertiary institutions to join our FUSA games annually.  

With the likes of Australia Pacific Training Coalition (APTC) the timing is a bit tight for them as they have justreturned from the semester break and its hard to put teams together.

So its the ability to get the Tertiary students together to meet and know each other in the field of sports is one of the  major highlights every year.  

To become a member of FUSA, student athletes just pay their affiliation fees and also can just write in to declare that they want to be a member and can pay fees later,

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