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Weightlifting Membership operates onClub level, Only Fiji Games when the individual athletes represent their respective districts. The district representation is largely dependent on the club membership.


  1. Suva Club – 42
  2. Mokosoi Club – 12
  3. Kadauvu – 4
  4. Labasa – 4
  5. Levuka – 40


Weightlifting Fiji has over the COVID -19 Pandemic continued to be very active in creating events and reaching out to the community through programs, workshops and courses, Talent Identification Programs, outreach programs and competitions. Our eagerness and desire to spread the sport of weightlifting to the wider Fijian community has continued throughout the pandemic period had continued to grow.

We have also continued to grow the sport in the rural areas and as a result have managed to get support from many provinces to build training centres in the towns and villages. This growth has seen Fiji enter the most number of athletes in the Oceania region for the 2020 IWF Youth Online World Cup. Weightlifting Fiji continues to build bridges and expand the sport to levels never attained before even through the difficulties faced in recent times with the numerous cyclones and more recently then Covid-19 pandemic.  

Through our coaching Certification programs, our outreach programs and Talent ID programs, we intend to increase our participation numbers by 100% in the next year or two. With assistance from government, NGO’s and the IWF we have managed to roll out these much-needed programs. While we’re indeed happy and sincerely grateful for the assistance, our planning in accordance to our 2020 strategic plans mean more funding is required in order for us to continue on with the remainder of the activities. In summary Weightlifting Fiji strives to expand and grow the sport though coach and technical official development and training courses. These courses will then equip our coaches with the necessary tools needed to effectively deliver our TID and outreach programs and hence provide a better opportunity for expansion and growth. With support from the OWF we’re confident that our work will continue and our goals attained.  

National Competitions Conducted

  • 3 Trials for the Oceania & Commonwealth Championship (January to March)
  • Fiji Day 50th Independence Celebration Competition, Levuka:  The Weightlifting Fiji 2020 Fiji Day 50th Anniversary Celebrations & National Championships was held in the old capital, Levuka. A total of 43 lifters from 5 centers converged to celebrate Fiji’s 50 years of Independence with great energy and grit. The competition quickly began to gather interest and by the midday had a large number of very vocal supporters had gathered kept the electrifying atmosphere full of life and vigor.
  • Online league competition 8 competitions over 8 Months (July 2020 to Feb 2021):  Weightlifting Fiji participated in the OWF Online League Competition which started June 2020. We are now in the final stages of this inaugural competition. The 7-month long competition has been a success in a time were boarders have been closed and majority of International sporting events cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Having the online email competition provides a purpose for the athletes and has been a great motivating factor in maintaining high standards and to continue with their training, despite COVID 19.
  • IWF Online Virtual (Telecast Live) Youth World Cup - November
  • Oceania Weightlifting Federation - Technical and Coaching Online Virtual Seminar (Telecast live), December:  OWF organised an OWF Technical and Coaching Seminar, which was attended by our 5 weightlifting Centers.

Activities in Development Programs

As part of our Athlete, Coach and Technical official development, Weightlifting Fiji had participants attend the following:

  • OSEP – Community Strength N Conditioning – 4 Coaches Attended.
  • OSEP – Development Strength N Conditioning – 1 Coach
  • OSEP – Mangers Course – 2 Executives
  • OSEP – Miso Course – 5 Executives
  • IWF Level 1 Club Coaching Course – 15 Coaches
  • Strategic Planning Workshop

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