Athletes and Communities Engagement (ACE)

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ACE Coordinator
Jeegar Bhavsar

Project Officer
Matelita Vuakoso

The ACE Programme is the flagship programme that serves FASANOC's  vision to "Inspire the People of Fiji through sporting excellence" through its purpose which is to encourage, engage and empower athlete leaders and communities in Fiji in the advocacy of Olympic Values, True Spirit of Sport and Social Messages. The ACE Programme is supported by IOC Olympic Solidarity and the Oceania National Olympic Committees (ONOC).

In practical terms, the ACE Programme's Voices of Athletes (VOA) component is perhaps better known among athletes and Fiji communities given it is ACE's community engagement component.


The ACE Programme constitutes activities that take Fiji athletes to communities and sections of the nation that benefit from empowering messages that cover thematic areas ranging from personal growth, mental health, environmental safeguarding, clean sports (saying no to drugs), sports integrity, gender awareness to NCDs and healthy living.

The phenomenal success of the ACE Programme rests in its framework of components that instil athlete and participant reflection, the challenge os responding to behavioural change, commitment making, and the sharing of these with others.

The ACE Programme also has outstanding success due to its being an evolving platform that ensures relevance each and every time a cause, message or call to action determined by athletes themselves leads the messaging sealing its relevance on every occassion.

In this regard, the ACE Programme remains FASANOC's flagship strategy and platform for sustained relevance, deep visibility, meaningful engagement, and continued evolving 'face' to meet ground realities and challenges over a long period of time.

While its impact has not been measured through full evaluation, in the new 2021 - 2024 Quaddrennium, there will be resources committed to evaluate aspects of it so that an evidence-based series of case studies and impact blocks can be identified in terms of assessing how it can be raised in design and quality.

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