High Performance

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The FASANOC High Performance Programme (HPP) is designed, managed and monitored by the High Performance Commission.

Given there has been limited demarcation between the Commission and how its activities constitute a Programme, the current 2021 - 2024 Quaddrennium is working to make the clarity to ensure a more sustained form of resource mobilisation, impelementation of activities and its monitoring for the measurement of impact.


Several key activities come under the ambit of the High Performance Programme. It includes close engagement with the National Federations (NFs), listening to the NFs and working with them to identify elite athletes for development, establishing partnerships for study and training opportunities both locally and abroad through sports scholarships.

Fiji elite athletes have benefited from this critical programme through IOC scholarships, Australia-supported opportunities, and other sport-specific opportunities emerging through their International Federations (IFs) working with the Oceania Regional and National NFs.

In recent years, the HPP has also embraced the provision of technical equipment, coaching, and sport exchange opportunities ensuring Fiji athletes are their peak physically and mentally before international competition.

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