Olympic Solidarity

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The FASANOC Olympic Solidarity Programme is enabled through support from the International Olympic Commission's (IOC) Olympic Solidarity Programme.

As a National Olympic Committee (NOC), FASANOC has access to two lines of programme funding through Olympic Solidarity - first, through World Programmes directly from the IOC, and second, from Continental Programmes which is administered through the Oceania National Olympic Committee (ONOC) in Oceania. This dual two-pronged line of support continues to remain a lifeline for FASANOC operations and programmes of support to National Federations (NFs).


The FASANOC Olympic Solidarity Programme accesses World Programme support toward athlete scholarships for every Olympic Games edition, including the Youth Olympics; Sport Scholarships for athletes, coaches and administrators; support to National Federations for support to their athletes for training camps, travel, per diems, strategic planning and reviews; and for its Commissions.

Through the Olympic Solidarity Programme's Continental arm, through ONOC, it gains access to support toward national games, entourages for global and regional sport engagement, Olympic Values education and awareness, capacity support toward education, sport development and finance, and networking opportunities for training, camping, and full education opportunities through sport scholarships, and a headquarters (building) through the OlympOceania Programme which FASANOC is currently embarking on with its land development in Toorak, Suva.

Under Olympic Solidarity, FASANOC also has access to administration, finance, and communications support from ONOC.

The Olympic Solidarity Programme has been the mainstay for FASANOC sustainability and continued operations and support to all NFs. In the current 2021 - 2024 Quaddrennium which brings in a new Strategic Plan and with the support of a growing online presence enabled by a new website and revamped social media presence, part of the meaningful visibility will be progression toward monitoring of activities and extracting of case studies and impact evaluations to demonstrate how FASANOC has brought imapct to people and communities.

This new endeavour will strengthen FASANOC engagement with NFs and Partners.

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