2022 PMG And CG Team Fiji Circular

Dates have been confirmed for the 2022 Pacific Mini Games and the B2022 Commonwealth Games along with participating sports

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October 8, 2021

Dear National Federation Presidents, Secretaries, and Administrators

The PACIFIC GAMES COUNCIL has confirmed new dates for the Pacific Mini Games which will be 17th-25th June 2022. As previously advised, there has been a change to the Games programs which will now showcase the following sports: Athletics, Badminton, Baseball (Men), Golf, Para Athletics, Tennis, Triathlon, Va’a and Weightlifting.

The dates for the B2022 Commonwealth Games will be 28th July–8th August 2022 and will showcase the following sports: Athletics, Badminton, Boxing, Cycling, Judo, Lawn Bowls, Netball, Rugby 7s (Men & Women), Para Athletics, Para Table Tennis, Squash, Swimming, Table Tennis, Triathlon, Weightlifting.

We are calling NFs to please provide Team Fiji with the following documentation:

• Team Preparation Budgets (form attached). Kindly note that limited funding from FASANOC for team preparation for both Games may be available. While the Fiji

National Sports Commission (FNSC) has advised that a total amount of $500,000 will be available to FASANOC inclusive of both preparation and participation budgets for B2022, we have also been advised that there will be no assistance from FNSC for the Pacific Mini Games.

• Calendar of Events for Team Preparation (template attached)

• Nominations for Team Officials: Section Manager/Coach – Refer to Selection Criteria

• Selection Justification Criteria – relevant for each Games. FASANOC minimum Selection Criteria Policy attached for your information. (Attached)

• Squad list (long list) with:

- Valid digital passport copies

- High resolution digital passport size photos

- COVID-19 Vaccination card showing first and second vaccination

• Uniform Sizing Sheet (attached) - Please fill in your squad athletes and official’s sizes as per the key guide as follows:

Shoe sizing are to be in US sizing for Men and Women

Men: 30 – 44 for waist sizes

Men: XS – 5XL for Bula Shirt, T-shirt, Polo and Vest Sizes

Women: 8 -24 waist sizes

Women: L8 -L28 for Bula Shirt, T-shirt, Polo, Vest and Dress sizes

Please click on the links below for relevant documents:

Calendar format

Team Fiji 2022 Coaches Selection Criteria

PMG Team Prep Budget Form V1

Uniform Sizing Sheet

FASANOC Athlete Selection Criteria Policy

Team Fiji 2022 Coaches Selection Criteria

Team Fiji 2022 Team Managers Selection Criteria

Team Fiji 2022 Team Officials Nomination

Previously for your planning and budgeting purposes, tentative team levies of $2,000 per person had been set for the Pacific Mini Games and $3,000 per person for B2022.

However, with so many circumstances having changed since these preliminary budgets were done, including the FNSC’s advice on no budgetary allocation for the Pacific Mini Games, we regret that these projections are likely to change.

Please return the above details by Monday 25th October, 2021.This is the fourth callout made for the 2022 Pacific Mini Games and the second callout made for the 2022 Commonwealth Games. Therefore, if NFs do not respond by Monday 25October, 2021, we will take this as an indication your sport will not be participating at the Games.

Alternatively, if the NF feels it is not in a position to attend either of these Games due to the impact of COVID-19, please let us know. We look forward to your submissions and response


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