Accept The Mission


You must accept that you have a tough mission and your mental preparation should be focused on that mission says Fiji Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee’s (FASANOC) Vice President, Iowane Naivalurua.

Mr Naivalurua along with Tokyo 2020 Chef de Mission, Patrick Bower and FASANOC President, Makarita Lenoa paid a visit to the 7's Womens Rugby squad members to stress their support and encourage athletes for the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games to be held in July.

"You have a tough mission and you must accept that so that everything you do now should be mission orientated and result focused," he said.

"Every day you should be thinking about results."

Vice President, Iowane Naivalurua addresses Fijiana Rugby Sevens squad members

Mr Naivalurua said the athletes should be focused on producing positive and better results every day.

"After a day you should be asking yourself if you are getting better, fitter and if your attitude is improving," he said.

Mr Naivalurua said the squad was being provided with all that was necessary to ensure that they had a successful outing at the 2020 Olympic Games.

"Your coaches and managers are there to work with you, guide you, teach you and motivate you," he said.

"But this is only possible if you are willing to learn, be guided and motivated."

Mr Naivalurua said the athletes had an enormous responsibility to shoulder as ambassadors of Fiji.

He reminded the squad members that at this point 70 per cent of preparation should be achieved.

"The coaching team has prepared a solid base for you and now a twinkle in the eye should be a signal or code for a particular move," Mr Naivalurua said.

"That is how good you have to be to compete at an event like the Olympics."

He said with all the support the team now has their mission was to basically win.

Mr Naivalurua said for those that do not make the team they should not to be discouraged.

"You have made it this far and because of that you are better people.

"You have been chosen and have gone through what a lot of other athletes hoped to be a part of," he said.

"This says a lot of your character and attitude and the trust placed in you by your coaching team."

FASANOC Chief Executive Lorraine Mar also spoke to athletes and encouraged them to be inspirations to future athletes.

Ms Mar said as a former athlete she hoped that she inspired some to take up the sport and she hoped the athletes will also be an inspiration, in particular to girls and women.

Fijiana coach Saiasi Fuli said the team was thankful for the visit and words of encouragement.

"Every day we set goals and every day we work towards achieving these goals both as individuals and as a team," he said.

"Having motivational speakers visit us just reinforces our belief as a team and encourages us to work harder."

So far Rugby Sevens Men’s and Women’s Teams along with Sailing have qualified for Tokyo 2020.

Other sports that are still vying for the opportunity to be a part of Team Fiji include Athletics, Archery, Karate, Judo, Swimming and Table Tennis.