Be Responsible Role Models


The Fiji Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee's (FASANOC) Chief Executive Officer, Lorraine Mar, encouraged participants at a weeklong International Weightlifting Federation Level 1 Coaching Workshop to be responsible role models.

"FASANOC fully appreciates the effort it takes to be a coach but it is also a huge responsibility," she said.

"Remember as a coach you are not only teaching the techniques of your sport but also the values of your sport."

Lorraine said it was important for Weightlifting Fiji to reinforce the importance of sportsmanship, excellence and respect amongst other values.

"This is an exciting moment especially as Weightlifting Fiji is in a rebuilding phase," she said.

Lorraine said the workshop, which was a first for the country to have with a locally qualified Expert in Della Shaw Elder, would ensure that Weightlifting Fiji has the qualified coaches to grow the sport as well as take it to higher levels.  

She said that FASANOC was looking forward to podium finishes as the work of these coaches bore fruit.  

She said she understood that Weightlifting Fiji has set a target to qualify athletes for the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games and she looked forward to seeing this challenge being met.

Lorraine also reminded the participants about the importance of attitude in high performance sport.   "Weightlifting is a technical sport so as coaches, and some of you who are still athletes, will know that there are no short cuts," she said.

"It is important that you train as if you are competing and not for fun."  

From experience Lorraine said she has seen athletes who treated training as a casual activity transfer this into competition.

"Train as if you are competing, if you are training for fun than athletes will compete for fun," she said.

"As role models you are the ones that should instill that attitude to compete and make sure mental skills is a topic that you also cover with your athletes."

Lorraine also congratulated Weightlifting Fiji President and workshop facilitator, Della Shaw Elder for being the perfect role model.

"Della has not only competed as an athlete but also taken up roles as a coach and administrator for the sport," she said.

"This is the pathway we want for athletes, to not only compete but we want athletes to put back into their sport in their life after competitive sport."

Participant and Makosoi Club Coach,Lavenia Adilutu said as a former athlete she was aware of what to do.

"But this workshop will allow me to learn more and the right way to do things," she said.

Fellow participant and Levuka Satellite Club coach Jason Wong said doing the small things right was his takeaway from the workshop.

"Della has stressed the importance of doing the proper techniques and doing them well," he said.

"It is also important to note that in this sport the athlete's mistakes can be seen by everyone so teaching them the right technique and developing the proper attitude so it turns into good habits is something I hope to take back with me."

The week long course was funded by Olympic Solidarity’s – Technical Courses for Coaches.