CDM Thanks Families For Support

2019 Pacific Games Team Fiji Chef de Mission has thanked the families of Team Fiji athletes and officials for their support over the two weeks of competition.

During Team Fiji's Thanksgiving brunch on Saturday 27th July, 2019, Mr Bower said it was not only the hard work of athletes and officials but also those that have worked tirelessly in the background without being seen which included family.

"Each one of them including family members has played a huge and critical role in the success of the team," he said.

"Without their families support I do not think the journey would have been possible."

Mr Bower while addressing athletes and officials of Team Fiji said we had set out to remain a team, that was not an ordinary team but one that included the best of what sports had to offer in Fiji.

"Team Fiji along with each athlete and official set out for Samoa with specific goals and I am glad to say we achieved those goals as Team Fiji," he said.

Mr Bower said they felt that the goals we had set out as Team Fiji were achieved during the 2019 Pacific Games.

"The goals we determined were achievable, and as a team we felt it was critical to stick to the goals if we wanted to move up and do better during the next Pacific Games," he said.

Mr Bower said the Pacific Games was a special games because it gave athletes and officials a chance to compete with the best in the region.

"I've been to Commonwealth Games and Olympic Games but the Pacific Games are a special games because it involves all of us in the Pacific," he said.

"It is also special as I am sure you would have tasted that unique Pacific flavour in your competition and your environment which were so blessed to have in Samoa."

Mr Bower also noted that Samoa was not without its issues.

"Samoa also had its share of challenges for myself and Team Fiji as a whole but how we handled these challenges was important for us," he said.

"It was important to always remain positive in the face of these challenges and allow it develop positive character traits in all of us," he said.

Mr Bower said it was the character traits Team Fiji had spoken about having before leaving for Samoa which included honesty, integrity and respect.

"We desperately wanted to show these character traits whenever we were faced with challenges," he said.

Mr Bower said they have had to speak to athletes on several occasions but this was to take them to the next level.

"We cannot turn a blind eye, but see how best we can overcome these challenges and often it requires us to humbly ourselves and work on these challenges together," he said.

Mr Bower thanked all those present for their support of his role as Chef de Mission in Samoa.

Team Fiji finished fifth overall with a total of 35 gold, 38 silver and 47 bronze medals.