Dare To Dream

We have to dare to dream says Fiji Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee President Executive Board President Makarita Lenoa

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January 9, 2023

Ni Bula Vinaka, Dear Colleagues,

Happy New Year to you, your Families and your Sport's Family!

Fiji Olympic House has opened its doors this week for 2023 and as we step into each new day, we as leaders of the Fiji Association of Sport And National Olympic Committee (FASANOC) are creating the future we want for ourselves, our members, in our specific Sport and FASANOC, whether by choice or default.

I am certain that you must all have your goals for 2023, however, we cannot progress towards our goals if we keep looking into the rear vision mirror, of how we have performed in the past, nor keep focusing on our current situations and circumstances nor can we keep doing the same things and expect different results.

We have to dare to dream.

And if we make a decision, then it's time we focus on what we want to achieve in the future and commit ourselves to it and we can do this together.

Goals are meant for us to grow; meaning what has to change in you and I, so together we can achieve what we want.

Not only in what we do and how we do or say but more importantly in the way we think and how we feel.

I trust that we will all work together to better serve our athletes as members of FASANOC and equally important as leaders of your National Federations and for the credibility of Sport here in Fiji.

On behalf of the FASANOC Executive Board and the management staff at Fiji Olympic House, I take this opportunity to wish you all good health and look forward to a very meaningful and fruitful sporting year in 2023 which we can all enjoy and celebrate.

Vinaka and see you soon.

Makarita Lenoa


Fiji Association of Sports And National Olympic Committee.

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