Disappointing Turnout At 1st Medical Screening

FASANOC Medical Commission is disappointed with the lack of communication between National Federation and its athletes, coaches and officials.

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April 26, 2023

Fiji Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee (FASANOC) Medical Commission is disappointed with the lack of communication between National Federation and its athletes, coaches and officials.

In its preparation for Team Fiji's participation at the 2023 Commonwealth Youth Games and 2023 Pacific Games, FASANOC's Medical Commission held its first medical screening of athletes, coaches and officials last weekend (22nd April, 2023) at the Fiji National University's Namaka campus in Nadi.

This was held at the request of officials from National Federations indicating they have athletes based in the west.

FASANOC Medical Commission Secretary Sharlene Nand said some athletes turned up very late saying they only heard about the medical screening just a few hours ago.

"We have had athletes saying they only knew about the medical screening from other athletes and not even from their coaches or managers," she said.

"Now these athletes will have to travel down to Suva for their medical screening which will cost them money and time."

Sharlene said Team Fiji had done its part in informing National Federations and section managers.

"Section Managers and Coaches were informed of the medical screening dates in February, 2023.

"Reminders had also gone out via emails however some officials did not communicate on how many athletes they have based in the west and other details," she said.

She said athletes, coaches and officials are required to undergo two medical screenings with the first one held last weekend(22nd April, 2023).

“With the first one being held this weekend we were expecting around 200 athletes and officials to turn up,” said Sharlene, "Unfortunately less than that number turned up for the 1st medical screening in the west."

“We do not want to rule any official or athlete from travelling to any game as we want to help and support them in order for them to be well prepared in terms of any medical and mental wellness,” said Sharlene.

The medical screening included height and weight check, blood pressure, musculoskeletal, and all other health checks. Sharlene said they also included full bloods examination and an electrocardiogram (ECG) test for all officials.

"The medical screenings are done to screen officials and athletes of any health issues and injuries.

"We then open up sports clinics to address, provide treatment and rehabilitation to the sports-related injuries.

"We also have a group of sports psychologists to help with the mental preparedness of officials and athletes during the build up to and at the games," she said.

Chef de mission Ajay Ballu said amid all training and preparations, athletes, coaches and officials should ensure they are medically fit at all times.

“An important area of the preparation for Pacific Games 2023 is the medical aspect, we want to ensure that our athletes are up and ready to go when the games draw close,” said Ajay.

“We have had issues in the past where athletes have gone with injuries to the games and as a result have not performed well and it is an expensive venture to say the least and unfair on the rest of the team members who could have qualified,” he added.

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