FRU Lawyer Attains RIOU Masters Diploma

FRU announces that a member of the union had successfully completed a scholarship awarded by FASANOC to attain a Diploma at the RIOU in Masters of Sports.

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July 6, 2022

By Meli Laddpeter (The Fiji Times)

The Fiji Rugby Union has achieved a huge milestone when CEO John O’Connor announced that a member of the union had successfully completed a scholarship awarded by The Fiji Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee (FASANOC) to attain a Diploma at the Russian International Olympic University in Masters of Sports.

Anand Vishal, a legal counsel at the FRU, completed the course via online while working in Fiji.

O’Connor said Fiji had little to zero lawyers who specialised in sports and this was an area that needed to be filled.

“This is a huge achievement for the FRU, it is something we are very proud of,” O’Connor said while speaking at a press conference at the Olympic House in Suva yesterday.

“Usually, sports lawyers were hired from overseas countries and this was very costly for the union.”

FASANOC had two scholarships where one was for the university in Russia and the other was for a similar course in Seoul, Korea.

Vishal said it was a gruelling experience trying to manage work and his education at the same time.

“I would be working during the day and at night, I would have online courses which I completed in a nine-month period,” he said.

He said running a professional enterprise for sports was an issue in Fiji and that through those types of programs could it be addressed.

It is designed to develop and educate future sport managers in elevating the level of individual sports in the country.

Vishal thanked the FRU for the opportunity and for helping him cope with his studies when receiving advice from senior members there.

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