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The Fiji Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee hosted National Federations (NFs) to its 2022 - 2028 Strategic Planning Workshop on 19 March, 2022.

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March 30, 2022

The Fiji Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee hosted National Federations (NFs) to its 2022 - 2028 Strategic Planning Workshop on 19 March, 2022.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports, Fiji National Sports Commission, Fiji Sports Council, Oceania National Olympic Committees along with FASANOC Life Members Dr Robin Mitchell and Vidhya Lakhan also attended.

FASANOC Life Members Dr Robin Mitchell with FASANOC President Makarita Lenoa and Kiliati Enterprises rapporteur Laisa Vereti

33 participants representing 21 National Federations joined FASANOC's Executive Board, Sponsors and Commissions in an effort to map out the Strategic Plan for the next 6 years.

FASANOC President Makarita Lenoa welcomed the participants and reminded them of the role they all play in delivering and enhancing sports in Fiji.

"It is during this workshop that you as NF's will help shape the future of not only the organisation but also the athlete as well," she said.

Facilitated by FASANOC's High Performance Commission Chair, Talemo Waqa said the workshop’s focus was divided into four main strategic focus areas or pillars that include Athlete Services, National Federation Services, Strategic Collaboration and Governance and Operations.

"Each strategic focus had a strategic goal with specific priorities and long term goals," he said.

Talemo said NF's had the opportunity to share experiences and suggestions that would allow FASANOC to achieve its vision "Inspiring Fiji through Sports" and mission "Enhancing sports through collaboration."

Participants were divided into four groups with each group focused on one of the four main strategic focus pillars.

Fiji Ministry of Youth and Sports, Aseri Tabuawaiwai makes a point to members of his group

Pillar 1 focuses on Athlete Services whose priorities include Team Fiji, Sports Sciences, Training and Education, Athletes Commission and Equity Commission, FASANOC's Athletes and Community Engagement Programme and Athlete Welfare and Pathways.

Senior Sports Officer and Head of the Sports Unit for the Fiji Ministry of Youth and Sports, Aseri Tabuawaiwai, who presented on behalf of his group, said one of the key areas they had touched on was increasing support for athletes after sport.

"It is also important to support the implementation of safeguarding policies and procedures amongst all stakeholders and increase awareness of mental health support programmes for elite athletes and their entourage," he said.

The second pillar or strategic focus was around National Federation Services with the main goal to Support, Strengthen & Service National Federations.

Presenting for Group 2 was Patricia Mallam, FASANOC Women In Sports Commission member and Fiji Volleyball Federation board member, said "Our group focused mainly on getting National Federations transitioning to the next level and also getting NF's to comply with the basic universal principles of good governance," she said.

"We also touched on monitoring investment for sport development and exploring on partnerships with different partners and stakeholders."

Patricia said the implementation of the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) programme was also an important area for athletes in NF's.

FASANOC Vice President Jerome Kado delivered discussions on pillar three, Strategic Collaboration.

FASANOC Vice President Jerome Kado facilitates discussions on Strategic Collaboration

Jerome said, “Strategic Collaboration meant strengthening FASANOC's relationship with stakeholders and growing partnerships, saying that collaboration was key to the strategic growth of FASANOC.

"Collaboration with Ministry of Youth and Sports for better traction of sports budgets and collaboration with Sports Commission for better resourcing and linkages to government priorities are some of the areas we continue to look at," he said.

Jerome said the group also touched on value adding relationship with Government, retaining and engaging sponsors and donor agencies all while still continuing to align FASANOC to IOC & ONOC requirements.

The forth pillar focuses on Governance and Operations.

FASANOC Vice President Vanessa Kilner said, “" it is important for FASANOC to review and update our charter every two years and implement a relevant organisational structure that will be effective in its service to NF's”.

Cricket CEO Sitiveni Rokoro makes a presentation to members of his group

Vanessa said aligning FASANOC's governance reforms to the IOC “Basic Universal Principles of Good Governance” and strengthening the Olympic Movement through good governance is also important for the organisation.

FASANOC President Makarita Lenoa in closing the workshop reiterated that Fiji has a bright future in sports only if everyone played their part.

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