OSEP S & C Community Coach - Nadi

Please be advised that FASANOC is organizing an OSEP Strength & Conditioning Community Coach Course in Nadi from Sunday, 22nd to the Wednesday 25th of September, 2019.

This course will be held in the evenings to cater for full time employed coaches who may find  challenges in getting leave. It will begin from 5.30pm to 9pm each day. We encourage coaches particularly those who are coaching athletes vying for selection to the Olympic Games including those who have not done OSEP Strength & Conditioning Community to attend this course. This is a pre-requisite for the OSEP S&C Development Coach Course that will be held in November.

There will be ONLY 20 participant places for this course. This is to ensure that quality learning and facilitation takes place.

Each NFs is eligible to send in 2 nominations. Any extra participants will need to be paid either by the NF or the participant if the participant is selected. The cost per sessions is $50 and for the 4 sessions will be $200. This is to cater for meals and facilitator costs. We will do a thorough screening on the registrations received and will email confirmation of participants, venue and programme.

Registration Form is available here. Registrations close on Sunday 15th September, 2019.