Physio's To Undergo Training

Physiotherapists that are a part of Team Fiji to the 2022 Pacific Mini Games and Commonwealth Games will be undergoing a week-long training with experienced Team Fiji Physiotherapist Sharlene Nand.

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June 1, 2022

Physiotherapists that are a part of Team Fiji to the 2022 Pacific Mini Games and Commonwealth Games will be undergoing a week-long training with experienced Team Fiji Physiotherapist and FASANOC’s Medical Commission secretary, Sharlene Nand.

Sharlene said it is important that physiotherapists know the role they play for Team Fiji and how to properly fulfil their duties to athletes.

"We have some young physiotherapists that have recently joined Team Fiji and it is encouraging to note their eagerness and willingness to learn," she said.

"This week we will be going through the process of reminding the young physiotherapists the correct way of doing things and the importance of getting it done right."

Physiotherapists and doctors that will be travelling to the Games conducted the final medical check for athletes, coaches, and team managers to the 2022 Pacific Mini Games in Saipan, Northern Mariana's and Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England over the weekend.

Sharlene stressed to athletes and officials that could not make the final medical to ensure they make arrangements with Team Fiji administrator Jane Niubalavu at Fiji Olympic House as soon as possible.

"It is important that athletes and officials understand that doctors and physiotherapists also have commitments outside of Team Fiji so we have to schedule a time and place that will be convenient to everyone," she said.

Meanwhile Sharlene said they were grateful to the doctors and physiotherapists that took time out to be a part of final medical checks for Team Fiji.

These include Doctor Ratu Tomasi Tokalauvere and Physiotherapists Lawrence Shaw, Orisi Toloi, Jeryka Prasad, Nalisha Singh and Sharlene Nand who will be travelling to the 2022 Pacific Mini Games.

Also assisting were Dr Josaia Qovu, Dr Gyan Prasad, Dr Anthony Sauni, Dr Rindhu Chand, Dr Redina, Dr Alma Ulufonua and intern Nausheen Ali.

Dr Qovu and Physiotherapists Sarote Nakaora will be a part of Team Fiji to the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Sharlene also thanked members of the Oceania Regional Anti-Doping Organisation (ORADO) for being a part of Saturday’s medical program.

The ORADO team assisted members of Team Fiji with Anti-Doping Administration & Management System (ADAMS) and theAnti-Doping e-Learning (ADEL) platform which showcases published resources; such as, the Athlete and Athlete Support Personnel Guides to the Significant Changes in the 2021 Anti-Doping Code; the Athlete and Athlete Support Personnel Guide to the 2022 Prohibited List, and the recently published Guidelines for Education, Therapeutic Use Exemptions and Results Management.

Medical Commission Chairperson, Doctor Jone Nasome, said it was important for Team Fiji athletes and officials to be aware of the World Anti-Doping Agency 2022 Prohibited List which was released earlier this month.

"This list can be found on the WADA website and no one can plead ignorance about not knowing about the list," he said.

"Section Managers and Coaches have been advised to discuss with the Medical Team any medication or supplements that athletes may be taking, so that these can be checked and cleared from the WADA list of Banned Substances in an approved manner."

Dr Nasome also reminded Team Fiji members that COVID-19 protocols and guidelines put in place by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services are still to be followed.

"With the lifting of restrictions, we tend to relax and forget about safety measures and this could be harmful to those travelling as members of Team Fiji."

Dr Nasome said the health and well being of athletes and officials continues to be the primary focus of FASANOC and Team Fiji medical members and that FASANOC's Medical Commission will work closely with the Organising Committees of both Games to ensure that Team Fiji adheres to all COVID-19 protocols put in place by both host countries.

FASANOC Chief Executive Officer Lorraine Mar highlighted that, in line with the Fiji Government’s decision, only fully vaccinated athletes, coaches and managers will be allowed to travel to both Games.

Despite the lifting of COVID restrictions, Ms Mar continues to remind local sporting bodies to continue to strictly adhere to COVID-19 restrictions put in place.

Ms Mar said that FASANOC was very grateful to the medical team who had volunteered their time and services for Team Fiji. The demands on the medical personnel during Games time are huge. A lot of our success is due to the diligence of the medical teams and their attention to the athletes needs duringthe Games.

The Medical Team with the Covid Liaison Officer did a marvelous job in keeping Team Fiji safe at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and I know they will look after the team well in Saipan and Birmingham, said Lorraine.

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