Team Fiji Womens Basketball Go Down Fighting

With 3 seconds on the clock Fiji were still fighting to score a basket but fell short and went down to Samoa 75-70.

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November 20, 2023

With 3 seconds on the clock, Team Fiji Women's Basketball team were still fighting to score a basket but fell short going down to Samoa 75-70.

The Fiji Women's Basketball side had to fight through each quarter. Fiji led in the first two quarters but Samoa came back to win the third quarter.

Despite the loss, the girls are adamant that they still have a good chance of making the finals.

Team Fiji basketball rep Matila Vocea said the team played well and despite the loss, they were looking at making the finals.

"We have two days to prepare for the quarterfinals, and todays game was a way to reflect on what went wrong and how we can improve on it before we get back on the court," she said.

Fiji Coach Earl Hughes says Samoa gave them a good run.

Earl added that Fiji had a couple of key misses that cost them the game, however he says now the team will rest and wait for the quarter finals.

Meanwhile the Fiji Men’s Basketball team will take on Tonga at 6 tonight.

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